Robinson Crusoe 2246 (Book 3) Release Day!

robinson-crusoe-2246-3d-coverI’m thrilled to announce the official release of Robinson Crusoe 2246 (Book 3) has finally arrived! You can download your Kindle copy today or wait another day or two for the paperback release (&$@& Amazon). Wrapping up the trilogy has been bittersweet, but the book kicks butt and hopefully delivers everything the first two promised and more.

To celebrate today’s release, I’ve also set up a free promotion for Robinson Crusoe 2244 (Book 1), so if you know anyone that you think will like it, now’s a good time to make a recommendation.

Thanks to all my favorite readers for patiently awaiting Book 3’s release. I truly hope you enjoy it. Please check back to my website or Facebook or Twitter pages for news about what comes next. It might just surprise you.


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