Robinson Crusoe 2246 – Release Date Announcement

Robinson-Crusoe-2246-front-coverStill doing some cutting and editing, but we’re closing in on having the third book in the Robinson Crusoe trilogy done. I honestly haven’t been this excited about releasing a book since…well…the last one! Jokes aside, this one’s taken considerably longer to finish for a number of reasons. It’s the most audacious of the three with several significant set pieces, a wide variety of characters, and, as always, tons of action and adventure. It also has the most threads to tie up. With 2244 and 2245, the initial drafts were both around 100,000 words and were eventually cut back to under 80,000. #3 finished just under 120,000 words and if I’m lucky I’ll get it under 100k. Lastly, as this is “only” my third book, I’m still making rookie mistakes in underestimating the process. Every book is different. Some come easy and some come hard. This one was definitely in the latter category. So, I’d like to thank my readers for their patience. I’d even like to thank the impatient ones that continued to push me to stay on course. I’m pretty sure it’ll be worth the wait.

So, I’m officially setting the release date for Robinson Crusoe 2246 for November 17th. That allows me a little more time to get the final draft perfect. I don’t think I’ll be doing a pre-order, but I will be sending out some emails to my subscribers to remind them as the date approaches. If you haven’t already signed up, do so on my website or Facebook now.

Thanks again for your continued support. See you in the forbidden kingdom.


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