RC 2246 – Chapter One – Read it NOW!

chapter-1 So, I’m a few weeks away from turning 2246 over to my editor, but that stopped the deluge of death threats from pouring in. Well, in all honesty it was only the one and even then it wasn’t a true death threat, but a very nice and proper query asking me if a death threat would help grease the wheels. I love my readers!

That business aside, I’ve gone through five drafts of this beautiful bad ass book, gained more than a few gray hairs, but it’s finally, mercifully, starting to sing. To celebrate, I’ve decided to upload the first chapter on the website. You can find it by clicking the BOOK tab at the top of the page. Or you can simply go here. Reminder: it hasn’t been edited yet, so it’s subject to change. The story picks up a couple months after the end of book 2 with, you guessed it, certain characters once again in trouble.

At this point, I’m confident in saying I’m going to beat George R. R. Martin to publication. With the heavy labor done, it’s down to tinkering on my part and the business of others to make it pretty. I’ll give another update when I have an actual release date, but hopefully chapter one will tide you over until then.

Happy reading!


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