Réservez trois, Pee Wee-ers, and a new audiobook – an update

So it’s been a while since I posted on the blog and provided updates on all things Robinson. I’ve had many inquiries from readers asking about the state of RC 2246, almost all of them nice. A few were snippy and one or two questioned my stupidity of releasing two books without the third and final one being ready. When these come up I invariably read them to my wife who jokingly calls me “George RR lite.” I wish. She used to call me Brad Pitt lite. Sigh.

In this case my answers are very similar to Big Daddy George’s: it’s coming. While I’m not producing a “Kong,” 2246 does come with its challenges. After writing the first book, I came up with a great schedule for putting out #2. Unfortunately, I was trying to pattern my schedule after book 1, which I soon found was a mistake. You see, Book 2 had more complex plotting than Book 1, and more character themes. I should have learned my lesson and rather than put set a public deadline, just kept plowing ahead with the word. Unfortunately, I underestimated how much additional work Book 3 would be. It’s certainly the most audacious book of the trilogy and delves more into sci-fi than its predecessors. It also requires a ton more research and threads to tie up. The result is going to be the best book yet and one I believe will satisfy even the most curmudgeon-y of readers. But it won’t be in your hands this week. Or next. Honestly, in the scheme of publishing, I’ve been putting out a book every nine to ten months, which is better than the average of a year.

I’m loathe to give out a new deadline for fear of missing it again. And truth be told, no one’s banging down my door with the ferocity of Game of Thrones fans. But it’ll be coming soon. Promise. I’ll also be posting that long promised first chapter. I’ve simply been too busy keeping up the momentum of the rewrite to go back and shape a few spots up.

The really, really GREAT NEWS is that Malk Williams and I have finally commenced working on the Robinson Crusoe 2245 audiobook. Yay! We’ve had a great many readers asking about it for some time and it simply came down to economics. The first audiobook was a hit, but would listeners continue to #2? We’re now reasonably assured they will, so that’s in the works and I’m certain Malk will do a bang up job just like he did for #1 (2244). Again, I can’t give anyone a fixed date, but hopefully it’ll get released sometime this summer.

On this side of the pond, I’ve also been doing some freelance writing work. Hey, Pee Wee Soccer and T-ball don’t come cheap! One time suckage came when I was badgered and beguiled into coaching my kid’s team. Truthfully, I loved it. Love kids enthusiasm and spirit. Unfortunately, our team sucked. With the exception of one game, we faced blowouts all season long. I’ve decided to take responsibility, but at five-year old, there’s only so much “training” one can do. Especially when the other teams all seem to have one or two kids that look like ten-year old linebackers.

I’ve also been hesitant to mention that Hollywood continues to nose around the Robinson Crusoe series. It was submitted to one very big TV production company and everyone from the ground up loved it. We even had show runners that were dying to do it, but, alas, things in Hollywood come down to clout and brands, and this one sadly isn’t big enough. That hasn’t stopped it from jumping ladders, but I’m approaching this as I do with all things Hollywood – everything means nothing until someone cuts a check. Still, I get asked by readers all the time about movies/TV series, and it’s cut 50/50 to which seems like the better fit. I believe either one would be great.

Well, that should cover things for this week. I’ll try more frequent updates. As always, you can hit me up on the website, Facebook or Twitter if you have questions or comments. For now, it’s time, as Friday would say, to get back to ‘ele fundo quán’ — the deep well.


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