Robinson Crusoe 2246 – Cover Reveal!

Hey, folks,Robinson-Crusoe-2246-front-cover

Had a wonderful time camping with family and friends over easter weekend.
It was the first time our boys got to rough it and they loved every minute of it. They keep asking if they can “go home to the tent.” There’s nothing quite like the smell of smoke on your clothes, the first time your kids make s’mores, the sounds of the drunken woman at the next campsite wailing how much she’s given up for her boyfriend and why none of his friends like her. Ah, good times.

How could a weekend like that be improved upon? Only by getting back on Sunday to find my wonderful cover illustrator Amalia Chitulescu has finished the cover art for book 3. It’s everything I wanted and more. Hope it inspires, piques interests, and keeps a few of my more rabid readers happy until I can finish the dang book.

I’ve also been meaning to post the first chapter on my website for a while now. I’ll try and get it done this week.
Drop a note on FB, the website or twitter if you like the cover. And, as always, be good to each other.



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