Giveaway Winners Announced!


Here’s why I’d never make a good star for the Bachelor:

1.) I’m married;

2.) I want everyone to win!

So I’m surprised to feel a little bad about everyone not winning something (although I suspect I’d feel a lot worse turning down twenty-four beautiful women). Oh, to find out…

The giveaway ran for a little over a week. In that time, we had fifty-six entrants vying for five signed copy sets. This morning I looked online and sure enough, there was a contest/giveaway generator for sale that I could use to do this technologically legit. I could’ve entered names that way and made it truly random. But there’s something fun about cutting up little pieces of paper and pulling them out of a hat. IMG_3097

I’m old school like that.

Plus, it’s a fedora. Excluding Frosty’s chapeau, magic comes from fedoras.

But I digress.

I have a number of readers that have been with me for a while. Some since the first book came out. I would have loved to seen all of you win copies, but if you didn’t win, just know I’ll be doing this again in two months when book 3 is released. So keep trying.

As for the winners, here they are:IMG_3098


Edward Schellinger

Ronald Brumit

Lizzie Silver

Shah Jehan Ashrafi

Michael Alonso


That’s it. Congrats if you won! I’ll be contacting you each by Facebook if you entered that way or through WordPress if you entered through my website. Remember to note how you want them to be signed, inscribed, etc. If you want to send me a photo of you holding the books once they arrive, I’ll post them on my site as well.

Until next time, good reading and thanks for participating!





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