Oregon Vacation

IMG_2347With all the heavy lifting for book 2 out of the way, we decided to take a family vacation up to the McKenzie River in Oregon. My wife’s family lives up there and a couple dozen of them got together to join us for some swimming, cooking and wine tasting. Watching the kids play in the river was probably the most fun, although it was dang cold. Luckily we had a creek by our cabin that fed off a different tributary and was warm enough to swim. IMG_0513Someone had even cleared rocks to make a swim chute and with a properly inflated inner-tube, those of us weighing less than 50 pounds had a marvelous time.Those weighing over had sore behinds.

As you can see by the photo to the right, the adults did some rafting. It was pretty benign, mostly 2-3s, but still a good time. No one went in the water, but I got close!
The family also spent some time walking the lava fields an hour away where a volcano had torn through the area long ago. I love that the kids each picked up a small rock and haven’t let go of them since. TIMG_0951hose rocks were here long before they arrived and will be here long after they’re gone. Thanks to google and dropbox and apple, our photos will last forever!

Now, back to the final tweaks of RC 2245. It should be ready for release in another couple weeks. Then it’s onto 2246. Gulp.


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