Occupied Earth


My friend and fellow scribe, Richard Brewer, recently informed me the science fiction anthology he edited with Gary Phillips titled Occupied Earth will be coming out October, 2015. The premise features over a dozen short stories set in 2040 where the aliens have invaded earth, kicked our butts and now treat us like Starks at a wedding. Fear not, readers. Humanity has a plan. Or several plans. Or maybe they’re winging it. Whichever way we do it, resistance isn’t futile, it’s our only hope.

Like most sci-fi fans, I love alien invasion stories. Toss in a dash of espionage, revenge and global comeuppance and I am always in. The good news: I’ve been asked to write up a 3000 word story for the Occupied Earth website! They’ll be publishing one a month for a year and then producing a second anthology for 2016. Thrilled and honored to be asked to participate. I’ll update the website with more details when they come in.  Until then, check out the official Occupied Earth website HERE.



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