In Other News…

Today is the first day of the rest of my rewrite.

It’s been fun, but slower going than I thought it would be. So many things to fact check, continuities to line up, words to make pretty, but not too pretty. Ah, the trials and tribulations of doing the middle book in a trilogy. Then again, many consider The Empire Strikes Back the best of the bunch, so there. One thing for sure, this book isn’t short on action. And I’ve definitely spent more time world building than in book 1. Beta readers are already geeking out more than a bus of preteens at a One Direction concert. Thank Goodness I have boys.

One interesting thing of note: fellow indie author and part time the-war-of-artmentor/editor/wetnurse¬†John L. Monk recommend a self-help book to me. At first I thought, “who’s been talking?” I don’t need no stinkin’ cRySt@ls! But this one was aimed at writers from a working writer and it’s great. It’s called War of Art by Steven Pressfield, an author of fiction, non-fiction, screenplays and a host of stuff just like moi. It details how artists fall prey to “resistance,” the fear-based energy that keeps us from pursuing our work frequently and from a variety of sources. Fear, doubt, insecurities, “the blank page;” they’re all grouped into resistance. Pressfield offers up some clever ways to get your butt in the seat and do the work. I highly recommend it for any kind of artist.

On the book front, I finally read Wayward Pines. Well, I read Pines (book #1) and Wayward (book #2) and am now into #3, the final book in the series, The Last Town. I wanted to watch the show on Fox, so I cracked them open and I’m glad I did. They’re Wayward-Pines_004-1024x691straightforward fun. Blake Crouch as been writing forever so it’s good to see him enjoying the fruits of his labors. YOU GOTTA PAY THEM DUES. But no one is going to characterize these as genre classics. They’re not written to be those kinds of books. They’re meant to be popcorn entertainment and if you go in expecting that, you’ll love them. Not to say Crouch isn’t a good writer. His prose is clean and tight. But he knows how to attract the widest audience. I envy this trio of work. It’s the kind of summer read that’ll keep you butt in a barcalounger and a mai-tai at your lips.

If (re)writing, finishing up a screenplay with a partner, holding house for the IMG_20130708_243610_469wife, and rearing two kids wasn’t enough, I’m also playing in an annual poker tourney this weekend. I won Big Guns once, came in third once, and was chip leader at the break last year before getting bounced by some bad beats. Every year there are 40-60 players, so it’s nice to do well every time, but this year some credible players from other games are coming in, so I gotta have my game face on. Or not shower for a couple days. Amazing how funk can get someone to fold. Also amazing how I started off typing amazing and ended up typing Amazon. The leash is short, people, and the yoke is tight.

That’s all for this week. I hope to have a better idea of when Book 2 will be published next week. Be good to each other.



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