Rewriting, Updates, Audiobooks and Single Stars

Hey, Folks,

frustrated-writer-4-e1322631376404Thought I’d give an update for those clamoring for word about Robinson Crusoe 2245. Those of you waiting patiently (or indifferently), this is for you too. The squeaky wheel does not get the oil any faster. Unless the wheel in question is on a car driven by my wife, then all bets are off.

Writing 2245 has been both easier and harder than 2244. The easy part is that I’ve done it before, so I know I can do it again. The hard part is that I recognize the mistakes I made with book 1 and don’t want to repeat them. The first draft of 2244 was 76K words long and that ballooned up to 108K with the second draft. While 2245 has been nowhere near as fat in the second pass, there were a lot of areas that needed addressing with subplots I forgot to put in, threads that needed better layering, and checking for continuity with book 1. There are more characters, more character interactions, and more history to include. The result is more work than I anticipated but, at least for me, it’s a much better book. Those fans that enjoy the action/adventure aspect of the tale will love what I have in store. Those looking for more depth to the characters will also find that within. I hope. Only a select few have gotten early looks and that’s for story notes. So far the reaction has been great, but we’re still a little ways away from a clean draft. Had I a publishing deal, the next draft would go to the editor.

I set a somewhat more than tentative release date for May, but given I still haven’t had an official editor/proofreader pass, that might not happen. But all other writing services jobs are off the table until this gets done, so barring the apocalypse, it’ll be sooner than later. I can only imagine the pressure G.R.R. Martin feels from his fans who are hungry for the next book in a series. Mine have been splendid, but I’m learning not to promise anything before it’s done.frustrated-writer-2

On a different subject, Malk Williams finished narrating and producing the audiobook for Robinson Crusoe 2244 and I must say it’s wonderful. His voice is evocative and perfectly suited for the project. I was very excited giving it the official thumbs up for ACX only to receive a notice suggesting it would take up to 1o working days for them to approve it. One of the maxims of writerly life is “hurry up and wait.” More of that here.

Lastly I got my first one-star review on Amazon. Bestselling Joe Abercrombie always quotes one-star reviews of his books on his twitter page. It always gave me a good laugh, but it sucks when someone thinks that low of your work. Although my author friend John Monk suggested it was the kind of one-star review money can’t buy since the only thing the reader wrote is “Not Great!” Frustrated-writerSays more about them than me. I also have a not-so-vague suspicion that the reader not only didn’t read my book (it wasn’t a verified purchase), but only wrote it because I might have poked the wrong football fanatic on the ESPN boards. Reminds me to keep my opinions to myself. Or at least where I can control them.

So patience, young padiwans, the release of 2245 is almost here. After it comes out, I’ll also be announcing something special and new following it. Looking forward to shifting gears.




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