Do you listen to music while you work?

I do on occasion, but it’s tough when you’re writing because certain projects and certain scenes are so mood specific. For example, if I’m writing a tender goodbye scene, I don’t want Metallica to come on. Or if I’m writing the mother of all action scenes, I don’t want Selena Gomez is the background. Not that I own any Selena Gomez. I don’t. Pinkie swear.

the-ghost-of-tom-joad1Still, there are a couple albums I can put on low regularly and they seem to aid the flow that early drafts require. Springsteen’s Ghost of Tom Joad is one. It’s one of those rare albums that has a “voice,” but each song connects in a different way.

On days when I’m writing more action/adventure stuff, I’ve been bopping my my friend’s son’s band, Forty Feet Tall, who have this kind of blues-rock/acid-rock grove with a Jack White, Black Keys twist. Good stuff. You can find their album here.lamission1

Soundtracks are probably the easiest thing to listen to while you write for the simple fact that they’re also uniform and typically keep a consistent feel throughout. Most things by Ennio Morricone fit that bill. As does the work by Ry Cooder. And I’ve really grown to love the work of Mark Knopfler, lead singer of Dire Straits. One could even argue is soundtrack work is better than his rock stuff.

Anyone else have good thoughts on writing music?



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