John L. Monk – A Writer You Should Know

For those of you keeping up with my blog, you know I spend as much time reading independently published novels as I do traditionally published ones. You might also remember me mentioning Indie author John L. Monk, whose Dan Jenkins cycle (series) is as good as anything the Big Five put out. When I’m reading his books I’m conscious of three things: the first is how much I love the story; the second is how often I find myself transported and lost in the narrative; and the third is how jealous I am of this guy’s voice! Both KICK and FOOL’S RIDE are awesome reads that will keep you giggling while on the edge of your seat.calmer_KINDLE


Recently John wrote a standalone novel (although it might become a series later on) called THIEF’S ODYSSEY. It features a middling thief named Beauregard “Bo” Mosley who, after growing up in a foster home, has set his sites on becoming the world’s greatest cat burglar. But when his professional life and personal life end up crossing, he finds himself scrambling to survive and save the ones he loves.


THIEF’S ODYSSEY feels like a throwback novel in that it’s not about some technological wiz ripping off banks for billions. This is about an artist that enjoys picking locks, cracking safes, and planning detailed, dangerous capers. In that respect, John’s work here is reminiscent of Donald Westlake, one of the masters of the genre. And that’s one of the highest compliments I can give because Westlake’s work is all about immersing you into the world of real criminals doing real crimes. THIEF’S ODYSSEY taps that same vein with giddy delight. John has a way of explaining this nefarious skill set in the way that we understand it, but don’t find it too technical. And in the end, we’re not just in awe of the crimes the protagonist pulls, but we want to join him on his next adventure!


With pitch perfect dialogue, great pacing, fun characters and an engaging narrative that builds to an exciting conclusion, THIEF’S ODYSSEY is definitely worth checking out. To find it on Amazon, click here. To check out John’s blog, follow this link and enjoy!


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