Who are these people?!

th Every author wants to build a core group of readers. You know, fans that share your taste. Whether it’s your genre or voice. How you write characters or your crazy set of ideas. Whatever it is that drew them to you, you want them to stay. You want them to like you, as Sally Field once publicly decried. To really, really like you!

Amazon makes it easier to do this than most places because being the scenes they have their crazy algorithms at work (BTW, I’m convinced algorithms are sentient creatures from the planet Algor that have some level of prescience and are working, of course, for AmZN shares). And what they’re meant to do is find consumers products similar things they’ve bought before. I mentioned previously that because I bought my friend’s erotic paranormal book, I now get a host of adverts for similar material whenever I log on. But I’ve always wondered what my readers get. Shouldn’t be a big surprise, right? I mean, I haven’t written some doomsday cult conspiracy tome that claims to foretell the end of day. Neither have I written some erotica fiction that describes that one, super-secret sexual position so revolutionary, so provocative that they left it out of the Kama Sutra.  I’ve written a genre book. A post apocalypse adventure of the young adult variety. So should I be surprised when I log in and see my readers “also bought” THE GREATEST AMISH RECIPES!  DO IT YOURSELF NATURAL DOGFOOD! and LIFE SIMPLIFIED: EXTRAORDINARILY HANDY LIFEHACKS FOR ORDINARY PEOPLE?! Who are these people?! Now, I’m all for being linked to great books like UPLOAD and FOOL’S RIDE, but MEDITATION FOR BEGINNERS? What does this say about my fans? That after spending a few hours inside my mind, they need to relax and feed their dog organic Amish food? Is there unorganic Amish food? Can dogs meditate? Hmm. I think I’m getting an idea for my next book.


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