December Writing

IMG_1417December is always a tough time of the year to get things done because there’s so much to do.  There are holiday parties, holiday shopping, and the inevitable tidal wave of events targeting parents like us (we went to Disney on Ice last night for example).  My eldest loved it, dancing in the aisles with awe and wonder, clutching Mommy with fear when the villains came out.  It was a blast to watch him.  Our youngest, however, was probably a little too young.  Twenty minutes into the show, we realized he’d probably gotten overdosed on sugar and he became “that kid,” running around like a maniac and screaming for all he was worth.  Let’s face it, if he was an adult, he would’ve had an escort out of there.  Thankfully the other parents around us were, well, parents too.

Let us not forget work wherein we attempt to close out 2014 with a sense of accomplishment.  This year is winding down fairly well for me.screenplays  I was hired to rewrite two screenplays toward the end of the year and doing both simultaneously dragged the process out even longer.  But I managed to finish drafts of both projects this week and let out a much needed sigh of relief.  I’m sure there’s more work to come on both, but I can see some light at the end of the tunnel, signaling that place where I get to work on my own stuff, specifically RC2245.  I’ve given a release date of March, 2015 and will do everything in my power to hit it.

ILibrary9 still have things to do around our new house, including identifying which hardcovers out of the library will be unpacked for the bookshelves I managed to fit in.  I know what I’d pick if it was easy as grabbing what I wanted, but there are so many books and I labeled everything A-Z even when I had previously separated them into genre and literature.  So when people come over, they’ll either think I’m really cool or really smart.  Funny how in these times it’s tough to be thought of as both.

Ugly-Christmas-Sweater-CatsLastly, I did manage to clean my desk yesterday.  Usually that’s an act of procrastination, but it really did need a cleaning and is now conducive to some jolly keyboard pounding.  Hopefully this also won’t lead to visits to the apple store or hand/wrist doctor.  Anyway, I’ll try at least one more update before the end of the new year.  Until then, be safe, stay moderately sober, and have a very, merry Christmas.


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