Most people that read fantasy these days are probably familiar with the name Patrick Rothfuss, author of the Kingkiller Chronicles et al.  And despite being an author in incredible demand (his legions have more than once threatened his life over the length of time it’s taken to publish his final book in that series), he still donates a large portion of his year to the fundraiser he created, Worldbuilders.  World builders is a charity that works with Heifer International to give aid to families in third world countries, especially Africa.  Once or twice a year, Patrick and his staff at Worldbuilders are given a vast amount of books, media, graphic novels, art, etc. for the site to auction and put into a lottery.  For each ten dollar donation, a fan has an opportunity to win some exceptionally cool stuff.  This fundraiser has raised several million dollars over the years and this year, with only a week left, they’ve already bypassed $500K raised.  If you’re interested in winning awesome items, or more importantly giving to a great cause, please consider stopping by his blog or the link below.  Let’s help Pat and his friends make the world a better place.

And hopefully get him back to writing that third book.